We Deserve Better

There has been an incredible outreach for change in leadership of Mansfield. The current governing body is absent and unwilling to bring the growth that we need to avoid another Fiscal Emergency. Mansfield residents are tired of receiving the hopeless message that we, as a rust belt city, have seen better days. The status quo has burdened us with a slow growing economy offering low paying jobs, failing public schools, and some of the highest numbers in our state of families suffering from opioid addiction.



The Solution

Given Victoria’s experience as an entrepreneur and a local job creator in Mansfield, she is the right person to partner with the business leaders in Mansfield to move economic development forward. Let’s be the change together by signing up to volunteer for Victoria in 2019! Below are the three main issues that Victoria will immediately address as Mayor:



true Economic growth

Can we afford another Fiscal Emergency at the hands of the current governing body?Victoria will lead her eMansfield Initiative, a culmination of growing existing local businesses and bringing new businesses in, with an emphasis on eCommerce. Through Victoria’s proven ability for economic growth in Mansfield - we will avoid another Fiscal Emergency in Mansfield and grow properly!



Lower Taxes

Yes, a democrat will lower your taxes! With economic growth there needs to be an increase in opportunity for families to flourish in Mansfield. Victoria will attract a wave of homeownership by lowering certain taxes as well as enticing real estate investors and more. Every existing and future Mansfielder will have every opportunity to be a home owner for themselves and their family!



Distressed Family Support

With Victoria’s experience as a CASA volunteer, she has been in the position to assist with the shocking struggles Mansfield families are going through today. Victoria will bring a new line of support for substance abuse, mental health and distressed families. Thriving business and homeownership isn’t enough if your family isn’t healthy. This is one of the biggest personal issues Victoria will be addressing as Mayor of Mansfield!


Victoria’s promise:

Refresh & Innovate.

Why can’t Mansfield grow at the same rate as Columbus and Cleveland? Victoria isn’t a politician but a leader. It was her vision that led her company to becoming the #1 Etsy seller in her field, creating jobs here in Mansfield. Victoria’s promise is to stop politics as usual and actually get the economy going in this great city of Mansfield!


“When I was approached to run for Mayor, it was because the current candidates are elected officials whom are directly part of the problem we have today in this city. My decision to say YES to running for Mayor of Mansfield is to end the politics as usual and build a better Mansfield for our sons and daughters. We deserve better!”

-Victoria Norris-Diez



Get Involved

Victoria’s journey as Mayor begins with you! By donating your time and money we can bring Mansfield into this new era of growth and opportunity! Please select below:


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